Welcome to St. George's

Many times, on lots of church websites, I've noticed the opening message says something like, "Welcome to the website of St. So-and-So's". It's true: You have visited the website of St. George's, but for us a website is not that much different from the Church itself.

Let me explain.

The fact that you're here is an indication that you are (or would like to be) in relationship with St. George's. And, I suspect, what you really want is to be in relationship with God - to know Him through the freeing love of his Son, Jesus Christ. That's really no different from the Church itself.

Spend as long as you want on this website. Read the information or look at some pictures. All of this is pointing you towards God, towards His love - showing the world how we practice being disciples of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Practicing our Christian faith is what the Church is here to do. We know that the Church doesn't exist for its own sake, and certainly not for our own glory, but for God's kingdom - to make disciples, to equip the saints for ministry, and to better serve those whom God has placed before us.

And that's why we have this website, which is really just an opportunity to make disciples of the One who was truth in our midst. This website, just like the Church, is a vessel to communicate truly good news, and, I hope, inspire you to come and experience firsthand the prayer and joy and service of these disciples of Christ, many, many disciples of different backgrounds, different ages, different genders and different perspectives, but who all claim this congregation as their spiritual home.

So we won't say "Welcome to our website", but welcome to the Church, the Family of God growing here in beautiful Valley Lee.

faithfully in Him,

Greg Syler+