Christian Formation

Sunday Morning Childcare in the Cropper Memorial Nursery

St. George's nursery -- renovated and consecrated in loving memory of St. George's former rector, the Rev'd Dale Cropper -- is open and available to all parents and families who wish to use childcare services. Generally, we encourage older children to begin worshiping in "big church", or at least try it out, maybe even coming over during the latter part of the worship service for Holy Communion.  Staffed by Stephanie Russell, a trained and fully certified childcare professional and member of our community, the nursery is open and available to any and all. Redesigned in 2009 and refurbished in 2010 through the generous donations of parishioners, St. George's takes great pride in our nursery -- not only as an outreach to young families but as a continuing memorial to a long-time and beloved rector of this congregation, Fr. Dale, who served here from 1973 to 1997.

Sunday School for Children & Youth

The Christian Education committee of St. George's is continuing to expand our approach to the formation of our children and youth, and we are always looking for new and creative ideas and help with classes or projects. We understand that it is a major commitment on the part of young families to bring their kids to church on Sundays, and we ensure that Sunday mornings are a time of formation, fun, and fellowship -- not only for the children and youth, but the parents and grandparents, as well. Stay tuned to the the parish bulletin, Magazine, email and Facebook for continuing developments and more information about Christian education events and plans. We look forward to continuing big events such as Vacation Bible School, the pet blessing, the Ascension Day kite flying and cookout and other fun activities. We are also continuing to investigate ways to make regular Sunday morning formation accessible and special for our children and families.

Adult Christian Education

We've featured a Lenten book club in which we read Barbara Brown Taylor's "Leaving Church", as well as a time in which we made prayer beads for our military personnel. There was a movie theology series in which we examined issues related to Christian ethics, particularly around issues of violence in the world, and an inquirer's class on the Episcopal Church. A group of adults gathered once to learn about each of the four canonical gospels, and another group came together to study the history of the Episcopal Church. From time to time, specific classes will be anounced, and we're always looking for more ideas and good thoughts. If you'd like to learn about something -- or share something you know -- contact Greg Syler or the parish offices today. And stay tuned to the weekly bulletin, parish Magazine, and email newsletter for detailed information about upcoming classes and events.