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Episcopal Diocese of Washington

William and Mary Parish, est 1638


8am    Holy Eucharist

9:30am Children's Chapel  & Sunday School

10:30am   Holy Eucharist


11am   Healing Prayers

11:30am    Holy Communion



Parish Life

Sing and eat and enjoy fellowship Saturday night!  "How shall we sing the Lord's song upon an alien soil?" the Psalmist wrote long ago (Ps.137:4), lamenting that the ancient Israelites had lost the gift of song.  When music is lost, too much is lost.  Come, then, to rescue this gift at St.

Thirsty Theology is kind of a holy happy hour, and a chance to meet new friends and have rich -- and enriching -- conversations over a beer or cocktail or glass of your choice.  On Monday, Oct. 27, starting at 5:30pm (or whenever you get there!) at Leonardtown's The Front Porch, come for a drink and conversation and a nibble or two.  Even better, your first drink is on the church!  Designed especially for young adults and open to everyone, Thirsty Theology is a ministry of The Episcopal Church in St.

In his wonderful book, Music & Vital Congregations, Bill Roberts -- professor of music at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA -- describes the link between congregations that are vital, growing and dynamic and the type of music they sing.  It's not that music necessarily leads to growth and, in fact, it's sometimes the other way around: growing churches grow their music!  But there is a deep, deep connection between the two, and St. George's, Valley Lee is only now starting to uncover -- and celebrate -- that liveliness.

Feed your spirit, as well, at lunchtime on (most) Thursdays, as the Episcopal Church in St.